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It’s Your Journey. We Are Just Here To Help Make It A Blessing.

There is a real challenge when it comes to buying clothes for kids. You want them to have the most stylish clothes at reasonable prices and you want to be able to trust the store you are shopping at. 
As a mom myself, I know how difficult it can be to find clothes for each stage of your little one’s life. You have to shop at a different store store for babies, toddlers, kids and teens. 
It wasn’t just finding the right store for the right stage but to have a good quality item was also a challenge.
I was on a mission to create a store for each stage of your little blessings journey from finding the perfect outfit for your newborn pictures, to baby items, toddler outfits, kids and teens boys and girls. 
I have searched around the world and reached out to small shops that have not only the most adorable outfits but they are high quality items at affordable prices for us parents. All shops have agreed to sell their high quality items in my boutique and I do all the heavy lifting of promoting their products, ordering the items and answering any and all customers questions. 
This boutique was created for parents so they only need one place to shop to find any clothing items their kids need at any age. We are here for you and want only the best items for you and your little blessings. We are a boutique you can trust!!
If you interested in listing your products for sale on our website reach out to us at support@4salevt.com 
🦋It's an exciting time welcoming your little blessing into the world and that's why we created this business....for you!! It's a beautiful blessing 💕



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